Imagine acquiring images from complex samples with a few clicks.

Productivity to do more.

ImageCompass is a completely new smart user interface. Setting up complex experiments is now significantly easier and more intuitive than ever before. All you need to know is how you prepared your sample.

Lightning technology and the Navigator interface optimize your experiments. Imagine never needing to compromise between speed and image quality. Imagine a fully comprehensive overview of your sample in an instant.

Our new Navigator tool gives you the ability to freely navigate through your sample and explore relevant details instantly in full quality. Imagine your productivity improvement.

  • Spend less time training first-time users of confocal systems and give them the confidence to perform advanced experiments
  • Easily be in full control of your experimental setup with a few clicks
  • Be intuitively guided through your experiment setup and acquisition


Simple, even for complex experiments

  • “Drag and drop” to add fluorophores
  • Automatic optimization of excitation and detection
  • Intuitive access
  • Auto-configuration of imaging parameters

Fast across scales in time and space

  • Fast volume acquisition at the highest temporal resolution
  • Superb image quality at full speed, in real time, delivered using the combination of LIGHTNING, the resonant scanner, and our new rolling average
  • Low phototoxicity with less excitation light

Relevant details, instantly identified

  • Map your specimen thanks to LAS X Navigator
  • Localize areas of importance and identify relevant details quickly

Key Technical Advancements

Set up a multicolor experiment with 1 click per fluorophore
Maximal signal yield through optimal acquisition settings, automatically selected
Uncompromised temporal resolution up to 420 frames/sec maintaining optimal image quality, further enhanced by LIGHTNING
Access to fluorescence lifetime information in 1 click

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(6) Zebrafish posterior lateral line primordium migration.
Cyan: Membranes, GFP, Magenta: Nuclei,  tdTomato
Sample Courtesy: Jonas Hartmann, Gilmour Group, EMBL Heidelberg


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