Traditional Confocal



Imagine the potential to explore a new dimension in your samples.

Potential to discover more.

Extract a new dimension of information from every sample and increase the scientific impact of your research using lifetime-based data to explore the function of molecules in their cellular context.

Obtain additional information from experiments performed with STELLARIS using our new and unique TauSense technology.

Gain access to functional imaging thanks to TauSense, a revolutionary set of imaging modes, including TauContrast, TauGating, and TauSeparation, based on fluorescence lifetime.

Access to fluorescence lifetime imaging, a form of contrast orthogonal to fluorescence intensity, is always available with STELLARIS. Explore the cell’s microenvironment and metabolic states with multiplex imaging based on lifetime. Imagine the potential for your research.

Explore new dimensions of information

  • TauContrast gives you immediate access to functional information such as metabolic status, pH and ion concentration
  • Gain an additional dimension, offering unprecedented, unexplored insight, and potentially immense value to your research

Improve image quality

  • Maximize detection efficiency by removing unwanted autofluorescence while preserving the desired signal with TauGating
  • Enjoy the ease of extracting relevant information from samples where intrinsic contributions have contaminated the signal

Multiplex beyond spectral options

  • Separate species with TauSeparation even when their emissions fully overlap
  • Expand the number of simultaneous detection channels by using lifetime-based information which is complementary to spectral information

Key Technical Advancements

Pixel by pixel readout of the mean photon arrival time, simultaneous with intensity detection
Up to 16 time-gates simultaneously, digitally tunable
Life-time based component separation algorithm

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(4) Root-hypocotyl-junction of Arabidopsis thaliana (Era et al. Plant Cell Physiol., 2009)​.​
Chlorophyll, Life-Act Venus, IProp.​
Sample courtesy: Dr. Krebs, COS, University of Heidelberg​.

(5) NE-115 cells. LifeAct-mNeon Green,
MitoTracker Green, NUC Red, and SiR-tubulin​.
Courtesy: Max Heider, University of Bern and Spirochrome


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